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About Artem Chigvintsev

Artem Chigvintsev is a renowned dance professional and choreographer, widely recognized for his exceptional skills in ballroom dancing. Born in Izhevsk, Russia on June 12, 1982, Artem spent most of his childhood and youth in his homeland, where he developed a passion for dance. His exceptional talents and unrelenting determination would eventually make him a global icon in the world of dance.

After finishing high school, Artem moved to the United States in 2003 to pursue his career in ballroom dancing. He commenced his training at the Fred Astaire Dance Academy in San Francisco, where he honed his skills and refined his unique style of dancing. Artem's passion and hard work paid off when he emerged as the winner of the US National Championships in 2010, following which he became a renowned name in the industry.

Artem's exceptional skills as a dancer have seen him perform on Broadway and the West End, as well as competing on one of the most prestigious dance shows in the world, Strictly Come Dancing. Artem has also been a member of the Burn the Floor dance company, where he has showcased his talents to audiences all over the world.

Artem is a man of strong values, characterized by his passion, dedication, and work ethic. He is an individual who is driven by his desire to constantly learn and improve, and he strives to attain perfection in every performance. His values and motivation have earned him admiration and respect from his fans, colleagues, and the dance community as a whole.

Before making it big, Artem had his fair share of challenges and opportunities. He faced numerous rejections and setbacks early on in his career, but he never lost his faith or his determination to succeed. He always believed that hard work and dedication would eventually pay off, and he continued to put in the effort every step of the way.

Artem's personal life is just as interesting as his professional career. In 2010 he began a relationship with Kara Tointon, and following that, he dated Torrey Devitto from 2016 to 2017. In 2019, Artem got engaged to Nikki Bella, a former professional wrestler and reality TV personality. The couple tied the knot in September 2022. They welcomed their first child, a son named Matteo Artemovich Chigvintsev, in July 2020.

Artem has also linked to various individuals in the dance industry, including his colleagues, friends, and rivals. He has worked closely with some of the best-known choreographers in the world, and his peers have consistently praised him for his exceptional skills and professionalism.

In conclusion, Artem Chigvintsev is one of the most respected and talented dance professionals in the world. His achievements, passion, and dedication have made him a household name, and his journey to success has inspired many aspiring dancers around the world.

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Astrology Birth chart of Artem Chigvintsev (also known as a natal chart) is like a map that provides a snapshot of all the planetary coordinates at the exact time of Artem Chigvintsev birth. Every individual’s birth chart is completely unique. The birthplace, date, and time of Artem Chigvintsev birth are what is needed to calculate Artem Chigvintsev birth chart.
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Numerology chart of Artem Chigvintsev

Numerology Birth chart of Artem Chigvintsev is one of the diagrams of numerology. Based on the date of birth to "read the taste", find out the strengths and weaknesses of someone.

Numerology Birth chart of Artem Chigvintsev

Birthday: 12 Month 6, 1982

People also ask about Artem Chigvintsev

What is Artem Chigvintsev's real name?

His real name is Artem Chigvintsev.

When is Artem Chigvintsev's birthday?

Artem Chigvintsev's birthday is on June 12.

How old is Artem Chigvintsev?

Artem Chigvintsev's 42 years old now

Where is Artem Chigvintsev from?

Artem Chigvintsev is from Izhevsk , Russia .

When was Artem Chigvintsev born?

Artem Chigvintsev was born on 12 Month 6, 1982.