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About Emily Dickinson

A major American poet, she is known for her reclusive lifestyle and her brilliant, posthumously-published poems. Her numerous poems include "A great Hope fell," "A Clock stopped," and "Alone, I cannot be."

Before Fame

She and her sister, Lavinia, attended Amherst Academy shortly after the school opened its doors to female students.


She wrote close to eighteen hundred poems during her relatively short lifetime. Many of these, including "Because I could not stop for Death," deal with the theme of mortality.

Family Life

She was born into a prominent Massachusetts family: her paternal grandfather, Samuel Dickinson, was a founder of Amherst College. Emily Dickinson lived most of her adult life in seclusion and never married. Her brother was a lawyer named William Austin Dickinson.

Associated With

She was introduced as a young woman to the works of Transcendentalist author Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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Numerology chart of Emily Dickinson

Numerology Birth chart of Emily Dickinson is one of the diagrams of numerology. Based on the date of birth to "read the taste", find out the strengths and weaknesses of someone.

Numerology Birth chart of Emily Dickinson

Birthday: 10 Month 12, 1830

People also ask about Emily Dickinson

What is Emily Dickinson's real name?

Her real name is Emily Dickinson.

When is Emily Dickinson's birthday?

Emily Dickinson's birthday is on December 10.

How old is Emily Dickinson?

Emily Dickinson's 56 years old now

Where is Emily Dickinson from?

Emily Dickinson is from Amherst , MA .

When was Emily Dickinson born?

Emily Dickinson was born on 10 Month 12, 1830.